From fashion to commercial, from glamour to news, Patrice Argant makes full usage of the photography medium, avoiding narrow-minded positioning, he approaches the world with a humanist visual perception, laying on film his emotions by using his rich European heritage and a newly acquired "New York vibe".

Born and raised in Paris, France, he settled in New York in 1994 after traveling extensively through Asia and Africa.

He currently produces his work from both of his studios (Manhattan,NY and Knoxville,TN) as well as on location.

He promises his clients fresh croissants every morning in the studio…but of course.

Clients list:
Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Cigar Afficionado, NBA, Swiss Watch Federation, American Time magazine, Eyewear magazine, Accent magazine, Waves magazine, Licence magazine, Global Cosmetics magazine, PFA Cosmetics, Great Spirits, Hershey Communication, STC Marketing & Communication, Liberation newspaper, Spectacle du Monde magazine, Velo Tonic magazine, Tout Terrain magazine,…